Friday, 28 January 2011

Some slander (I mean libel) from me

In reading what Raymond Siew says, I find it either incredibly frustrating or amusing, depending on whether I'm the second or third party.

Notice how he talks like the stereotypical bad-guy politician in old movies. He uses the words "cleanse", "win", "true/truth", "focus", "ideas", "victimised", "reasoning", "anger" for himself, and "poison/venom", "illusion", "lies", "tricks", "noise", "divert/diversion", "ploy", "tantrum", "threat/intimidate", "belligerence", "childish", "break", "hate", "cowardice" in describing others. I wonder whether these words come naturally from him, or he's reading off a propaganda textbook he got hold of while he was studying psychology. Or maybe he really is copying the movies and hoping to emulate their success, while avoiding the ending.

In any case, I think Raymond Siew was born into the wrong country, in the wrong era. He would have put Joseph Goebbels out of his job had he been born just two generations earlier.

With reference to Jimmy Liew's post, I found the "conversation" pretty amusing as the third party. Do you remember how, as a child, when arguing with another child, if he runs out of counterarguments, he either 1)covers his ears, and scream, "blah blah blah" at you to annoy you, 2)he sways the topic by asking a barely relevant 'question'("I bet you don't know the square root of 4!"), or 3)call you short/fat/skinny/etc? It's amusing to watch that happen when it comes out as the last line of defense. This looks very much like that, only a slightly more sophisticated version.

And do IM title holders receive diplomatic immunity? Or does hiding behind an IM title mean holding a shield with the letters "IM"?

I just hope our friend here has always been like this, as opposed to becoming like this because of a brain tumour. Now that's a low (or high?) blow :)


  1. By a certain retarded someone (OK, Raymond Siew), it probably is.

    So what? :p

  2. I was protrayed as someone who promotes slanderous blogs. Just checking if i can promote this one

  3. :) why not?

    If someone tries to charge you with 'second degree libel', I'll be the first to laugh.

  4. You have my anonymous word :)