Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Just sayin'

Does anyone notice that there's a certain blogger out there that tells people to keep their "poisonous opinions" (OK, maybe some paraphrasing here) within the "confines" of their own blog, but yet he himself attempts to spread his ideology at every given chance in the blogs of others?

I'm just saying. I won't disclose any names, because it's not a nice thing to do. Besides, he's like, the only blogger I've been writing about since I started this blog.

Oh wait. Shit...

P/S: Onto less personal agenda, namely the ASEAN...gate(?):

It's interesting how the aforementioned blogger, whose identity I shall withhold, is beginning to embrace a half-Glasnost policy by showing the correspondence between his party and AirAsia on his blog, assuming that "correspondence" means "just one letter from one party without a reply from the other party".

Initially I was pretty sure that the request for sponsorship from AirAsia was said to be simply air tickets for the entire contingent. I guess everyone was just listening wrongly. Then again, this can't be proven right or wrong since the exact request to AirAsia was truncated from the published letter. Now it seems to be that the request has been changed, namely for AirAsia to sponsor chess training (w.t.f.?) to the participants as well as the air ticket. Yet somehow it costs money to the participants too. The most baffling part to me is how AirAsia had the ability to train chess players. I don't know. This stuff is too complicated for my poisoned brain to process.

I also find it incredible how this affair can be led by Jimmy Liew when there is no record of him mentioning this, ever.

Also, could someone tell me how AirAsia's name is threatened to be "sullied"?

Damn, the postscript was longer than the main body.

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