Sunday, 17 April 2011

A totally hypothetical situation

Let's say, I'm a person with good intentions to help Malaysian chess, juniors in particular, but I'm not really sure how. Well, perhaps I'd try to do something unique, like run a specialised tournament to train juniors to play certain stages of the game.

Then I get sponsors. Oh, perhaps a private university college, originating from Australia, with a campus in Subang Jaya, would be kind enough to sponsor the tournament venue. Then maybe I could get additional sponsorship for the miscellaneous expenses from a prominent no-frills airline company.

Then this tournament. Perhaps I should charge RM50 per person, with the optimistic hope of getting 40 players. One could claim that the limit is because I am really expecting 40 participants. Then let's have a prize fund. Eh, RM300 for first place and nothing for the rest sounds like a good idea, since it encourages people to fight every game out. At least I could say that if people start complaining.

If my math is correct (though I'm never really that good at mental calculations), RM(40*50)-RM300=RM1700 is left over. Yeah, that should cover any remaining expenses, like... I'll think of that later.

Unfortunately, this thought experiment which I have shared with you has a consequence; there is a high chance that history from 4 months ago will repeat itself. Oh well...


  1. what's that event from '4 months ago' about?

  2. look at the earlier posts